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002 - ENERGY STORAGE - Dr. Jon Knott

March 10, 2020

The drive towards to a low-carbon future has driven tremendous progress in clean-energy solutions like solar power and wind turbines. In many cases these technologies are now economically-competitive with coal, nuclear and other base-load power sources on a per-kilowatt basis, however  a key challenge remains in ensuring this renewable energy can provide reliable electricity 24/7.

To complete our transition the electricity grid need a dramatic overhaul to incorporate distributed production, energy storage and demand-response solutions that ensure the system can cope with the increasing mismatch between power generation and consumer demand. 

Today we are joined by Dr. Jon Knott - a research fellow specialising in energy storage at the Institute for Superconductive and Electronic Materials - to discuss the emerging energy storage options and how we can update our electricity grid for the 21st century. 

GUEST : Dr. Jonathan Knott



Dr. Leo Stevens

Purple Planet Music 
Mixing by Dr. Nat Harris

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